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This site is not politically correct and it will never be!!!  This site is for those of us who actually care about this country, all it stands for, conservative values, and is designed to make a good liberal squirm like a rat with its tail stuck under my foot.  So if you are looking for politically correct b.s., posie sniffing, peacenik loving, eco friendly crap, constituion trashing, treasonous language, and the run of the mill libreralism, then this aint for you.  Go away and go live in your ideal utopia with Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore.  Hope you bastards all freeze in the dark while starving.  Then maybe you will appreciate conservatism. 

Hi all!  Wanted to say hi to all of you who have never been here.  Hope its a fun experience for you.  Don't take anything personally.  Most of the traffic to this site comes from people I know or know people who know me.  The other day I had one of the first hits from out of the area that just surfed in.  I ought to make a posting page of where hits come from and have a contest as to the farthest.  We'll see

Change of Pace

Ok, judging by the title of this section, you can tell we are switching gears.  Some people may think I'm a total hick, but believe it or not, I do have some cultural taste.

Down on the Farm - Rice Harvest
Thomas Hart Benton from National City bank of New York ad.

The  pictures represented here are from my favorite period in art history, the great depression.  During this time frame many artists ventured away from impressionist and abstact art.  Many went to paint things that they knew, loved, and did not deal with abstract ideas.  Landscapes people, and places dominated this time fram and the style is now called Regionalism.  Three painters dominated the scene during this time, Grant Wood of Iowa, John Stewart Curry of Kansas, and Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri. Unfortunately Curry and Wood met their makers at young ages.  Benton went on to have a long and productive life painting regionalism well past its height until his death in 1972.  Many other regionalist painters worked for the WPA program painting various scenes in public locations one is in the Columbus Junction post office.  Earlier I had on some Grant Wood paintings, a local Iowa painter from Cedar Rapids.  He is best know for American Gothic but his Young Corn work will be on the Iowa Quarter next year.

Men and Wheat
by Joe Jones

Cradling Wheat
Thomas Hart Benton



I do still occasionally come here and dink around with this site.  I don't propose any major or monstrous changes to it because after four years of having the site going (be five come february) I'm somewhat settled in the format, and layout and the general content.  Now in my political yammerings, I do go in and change that from time to time.  More often than not I go in and write a collum and distrubite by email Sam's View from the Cornfield.  If you want to be added to the list email me.
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