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This is a place where I go into more depth about things happening with me and the place I call home.


Purchased this house four years ago on May 14.  Other than my parent's home, this is the longest I have stayed in one place and now for the most part i'm settled.  For the most part this place looks pretty much the same except for the addition of lots of landscaping done to the front of it this past week.  The flag flies every day to support this country and show the rest of the world that we will not collapes to international terrorism or pressure. 

A salute to my favorite cartoonist


Charles M. Schultz

November  2005
Well, I'm three months into the new job.  It feels really wierd to have more time on my hands than ever.  Even back in my college days I was usally working for an employer that was in a business that was dependent on keeping farmers moving during the small window between harvest and winter.  Now every Saturday is free to be out farming, which is my first love.  So far I enjoy the job and have started to figure the ins and outs of the welding supply business.  Six years ago when I graduated from college, I never dreamed this is where I would be.  Actually the road of life some of us had a map and route planned out and would go ape when things deviated but sometimes when you take the detours, you go places you never knew about and are worth exploring.  Thats how I feel about my job, I detoured from my route in 2000 and while on the detour, I found another road to turn on and this one may lead somewhere again that I'm unaware of. 
Congratulations to Maureen on being a grandma for the second time and congratulations to Gloria on being grandma for the first time. 
Congratulations are instore for Laurence Huber of Rippey Iowa.  He captured the 2005  national plowing championship this year.  Plowing is a form of tillage that has slowly disappeared from the agriculture landscape.  For the men of Laurence's generation, it was a time honored tradition and an art to perfect.  Again, congrats on the championship. 
For those of you who either know me or have followed me in this site may remember the difficult time I went through in November of 2003 and then the miraculous falling for a foreign lady a few days later.  Of course that had to end a few months later with some very bitter and anger filled heartbreak.  To celebrate Erezebet, this fall on November 22, I'm going to take the last remaining vestigaes I have of her, (many were destroyed when we broke up but before we patched things up) throw them in a barrel full of diesel fuel, and then light it on fire.  It will be fun to burn things and to celebrate the burning of remnants of a lady who nearly destroyed me from the inside out.
No major political campains this fall really bites!!!  Next year we will have a very hottly contested race for Governor so at least I have something to look forward to in the realm of politics next year. 
Hello to all the new viewers out there from the different groups, United Republicans, Conservative American, and Conservative Singles. 


A Mount Mansfield sunset.  This was taken just north of the village of Stowe in Vermont.  Actually it was taken on the front porch of Blair Manor bed and breakfast (owned and operated by Gail and Gary Blair) where I stayed for nearly two weeks. Very spectacular sight nearly every night.  That was the best vacation I have ever taken and hopefully next year I will be going back out there.

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This is my garage. More of a barn really. At one time this was used as a boaring barn for a few prominent families in the area. Pretty nice shop is in this barn. This is one of only four original barns still in the city of Wapello. Another one is immediately to the east of mine and the other two are on the Larry Moser property.

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I might live in my own little world, but at least they know me there.