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Ever wondered what goes through my mind? I'm sure that those of you who know me would love to know. Here is your chance.

"The more I get to know women, the more I like my tractor"



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Have you ever compared your life to someone in the entertainment world? If I had to compare myself to a fictional character, it would be Charlie Brown. The guy trys his darnest at everything he does but always comes up on the short end of the stick no matter what. Poor guy will never get to kick the football from Lucy. We are both persistent and dedicated, maybe even dumb for trying the same stuff over and over again. If Peanuts ever grew up Charlie would have a tough time finding a date or holding a relationship, be involved in his community even though some of the stuff he does seemed insignificant, it would mean the world to him. Kind of glad the Peanuts gang never grew up. Even Charlies buddies like are similar to mine. Not going to go into which friends are who but you get the point. Charles Schultz was a good cartoonist and a few of his strips almost imitate my life and thoughts to a t. Someday I will copy them and place them on this site.

My favorite Peanuts cartoon
my thoughts to the T

July 4, 2002
Liz and Me@ Spillvile Fireworks

This is a picture of Liz and I after we met for the first time.  Had a good time with her.  Great expedition floating down the Upper Iowa river and laying out under the stars watching fireworks. Nice young lady.  Unfortunately we have not seen each other since and the way life works, doubt our paths will cross again.  Be nice but highly unlikely.  Good luck to you Liz and have a great life.
Another Elizabeth came into my life in November of 2003.  Long story but those of you who know me know the story.  For those of you who don't let's put it this way, she is gone and she can't hurt me anymore now that she is back in Hungary. 

It's a dog eat dog world and I am wearing Milkbone underwear- quote from Norm on Cheers