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A page where I say thank you to some of my heros and other who have contributed to society. 
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Prisoners Of War
After nearly every war this nation has fought,  many prisoners are never acounted for either because they died in captive and no one knew, they were MIA from the get go, or our government covered up their existence that they were still being held by hostile nations.  To the POW MIA's still unacounted for " You are not forgoten by those who fought beside you and prayers are with you everyday for your return."  On this Veterans day lets also remember those who are unaccounted for and pray for a day when we know about what became of them. 

To those vets who have feel that people have forgotten, I haven't.  All too often we only pay homage to those who have given their lives.  What is important is that you gave it your all, and came back to us alive.  This country has set aside a day for you on November 11 to honor your sacrifices and to say thanks for protecting our freedom, democracy, and the constitution.    Thank you to all of our living veterans of all wars and those who served in peace time. 

Willson Brothers World War Two
Francis, Grover

Above is a picture of two more people from the greatest generation.  Unfortunately both have passed on.  The man on the left is my dad's father, Francis Willson.  I never knew him as he passed on at a young age.  He served in the transportation corp during the war.  Grover was his brother and I had the experience of knowing him until he passed on when I was in jr. high.  Grover served with the Army Air Corp-later to be known as the Air Force.  His squadron was the same one the Enola Gay was in.  When I was young I remember the story about how everything was secrecrative on the air base the day of the flight. 

Ralph Willson Jim Willson-Purple Heart Korea
Francis Willson Grover Willson World War II

Heros are not sport stars or actors, but people who have put their lives on the line defending America's honor and freedom.  This memorial day say thanks to those who have done that for us and now passed on.  Honor our sacred heros.

USS Cole
The Cole leaving Norfolk naval yard after repair.

Everet "Bud" Frank Webb
United States Navy


Wapello Cemetery
Grandpa Webb's flag


We are a strong nation.  The picture above symbolizes all those things that make us great and those things that our soldiers have fought, wounded, and died for.  Be proud you are an American!  There is nothing to be ashamed of, you are one person in this great land and be honored that you have more freedom than anyone else in this world!  I am glad we have and had people willing to give their lives defending everything this country stands.   

Irqi War TributePaid the Ultimate Sacrifice

On May 2, 2004, tragedy struck Wapello Iowa with the death of a native son in Iraq.  Petty Officer 2nd class Trace Dosset of a naval reserve Construction Baltation was killed along with four other seebees in a mortor attack in Ramadi.  While I did not know Trace personally, from what I know of him, being a small town and all, he was the kind of guy who was willing to stand up and fight the fights worth fighting. The way I see his death is that he died defending the freedom all of us dearly love.  Trace's death means that his wife and daughters will not have to worry about terrorists on their Florida streets, and they can sleep easier at night knowing that American troops are doing what they have to in order to make lives in Iraq better, and to continue our freedom here.  Thanks for serving our country Trace!!! Your dedication to your family and country help us to remember that freedom carries a very high price tag.  Some pay that price so others can enjoy the freedom that this country was built on.  To Trace's family: Your son is a true American Hero!!!