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Senate Showdown
During the week of  May 23, 2005 there will be a showdown in the senate regarding the use of the fillibuster to prevent qualified judges and potential UN ambasadors from being voted up or down.  As you may have guessed it, the Democratic liberal communists have said they will fillibuster each and every one of Bush's nominees until he appoints a liberal judge.  According to the rules of the senate and constitution, the Senate's sole responsibility in the appointment of executive posts is to vote yes or no.  Not to delay or tell the president how to do his job.  In Washington D.C, the intitials D. and C. mean Don't Compromise.   The Democrats have said that if Bush retracts his nominees then they won't say a word about any appointment to the Supreme court.  Knowing how they act I would not buy into their compromise one bit.  They are still pissed that they lost the election and have lost seats in both houses of congress but feel as though they should still be in charge.  Being moral and having religious beliefs is what is driving these liberals nuts.  They do not want a judge to use the bible or moral standards for interpeting the law (not changing it as they would like).  Liberals claim that is forcing religion down people's throats.  Screw em I say.  We need to take the judicial bench back and have peole there who think its wrong to kill the unborn and execute those who do the most evil crimes, belive that you are responsible for your actions, not blaming your crime on some wacko scientific idea that its genetic.  Call your REPUBLICAN senator and tell him to throw out the fillibuster that is not supposed to be used to block qualified apointees from a position that a duly elected president thinks is best for the job. 

Republican Christmas Part 2
The Holidays came early this year with the liberals getting a whole truck load of coal in their stockings this year!!! What really made this even better was watching the left wing liberals like Michael Moore, George Soros, and the entire news team from the Complete Bull Shit comapany lead by their lying lead man Dan Rather squirm in their seats and start seething in anger.  How about most of the European leaders?  Most are so pissed off they won't even call to congratulate Bush on his victory. Dump our former allies and start hanging with our new friends in Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic and of course our good old buddy Tony Blair. This country is on the right track, we are not going to retreat from the war on terrorism, terrorists in Iraq are getting blown to bits as I write this, we are solidifying our position as the only superpower, gun rights will remain in place for another four years, social security will undergo a change for the better, and we have a leader who won't take no shit from anybody!!!!   

Republicans Dominate.  Hell Yeah!!!

Since the election took place, Republicans control both houses of congress, and the presidency.  Now if all they did was control the judiciary then we would have reason to celebrate.  Many of Bush's appointments have made it though the senate but many of the judicial appointments have been stalled by the faggot loving, dope smoking, capitalist hating liberals.  Democrats are trying to railroad as many of Bush's appointments to the federal bench.  We need to pass a law saying that if the majority speaks then it goes without a bunch of liberal crap trying to oust a good nominee to the federal court system.  We need to stop the liberal activist judges who impose their own laws from the bench.  If these judges stay on, then we risk having this country fall to the will of some liberal elites who belive that they and only them should control the country because they are the only ones who know how to truly run it.  Some judges have advocated marrying faggots.  Others belive that taking property of landowners is pefectly good if it means more tax money for the local government.  If I ever get the chance to meet any liberal politicians face to face, I hopt to get an opprotunity to take my fist and smach it directly into their mouth and bust a jaw to shut them up. 

Lock and Dam enlargement
Living in the midwest and depending on river transport for the inflow and export of our products is esential.  Army Corps of Engineers is supposed to determine this year which plan of action to take regarding the Mississippi river.  The best one is called plan #6 which is supports a massive overhaul and long overdue updating of the locks.  OF course we have the damn possy sniffers out there who think the navigable rivers should return back to nature so we can save some damn exotic species of some ugly fish that doesn't taste good with beer.  I hope those bastards all freeze in the dark!!! Come on, what is more important, the livliehoods of millions of people or some damn fish?  Apparently the Corp has given consideration to these lunatics and are considering doing nothing about the 60+ year old infastructure on the river for navigation.  The cost to ship grain down river is something like 2 cents per bushell, rail is in the range of 5-9 and trucking can range from 11 to 34 cents depending on where the point of origin is.  That two cents helps keep costs down for our customers and allows U.S. produced grain to enter export markets at a reasonable price.  If all our grain had to be shipped by rail or truck, we would either need a ten fold increase in inland processing or our markets would go elsewhere for their grain supply.  Many products used daily are shipped upriver like coal, petrochemicals, fertilizer from eastern Europe, lumber, gasoline, oil, and many specialty products that are cost prohibitive to move by rail or truck.  These eco-wackos don't seem to care about the cost to the American consumer.  Far as I'm concerned, if you don't support the lock upgrades, then you are unpatriotic and are acting in a teroristic action by siding with thise nuts.  Apparently the Corp has caved into the tree huggers by deciding not to raise river levels on the Missouri river high enough to permit barge traffic on the river this year.  Many of the businesses that rely on the river to ship in or out goods are struggling to find new transportation means and all of them come at a greater cost.  Write your congressman and tell him to support lock expansion and to tell the environmentalists to shove that fish up there asses!!!

Republican Christmas
It is beginning to look like a great Christmas for the Republican party!!! The economy is rebounding, holiday shopping was the highest it has been in years, the GOP hijacked the democrats pet project of medicare and prescription drugs, and now we have Saddam!!! To top it all off we just need Bin Ladnen's head.  Now that Sadam is in our custody, I look for some major changes to take place very rapidly in Iraq. The governing council will probabbly take control soon now that the fear of Husein returning and the guerilla attacks will probabbly slow down if not halt completely.  If the democrats can't get their shit in a pile, they will not gain the presidency.  With Gore's endorsement of Howard Dean, and the Democratic leadership council grooming an extreme liberal for the presidency, that party is setting themselves up for a major loss worse than when Hubert Humphrey or George McGovern ran. All the democratic contenders can do is run on a platform of Bush Sucks.  Sorry to say but if you are going to rip the president and his programs, you need a better program than what is out there. A platform of my opponent stinks will not sustain a campain long, history has proven that a platform-good-bad-indifferent is esential to cinching a nomination and winning elections.

Pussy Peacnics
War protesters are starting to piss me off!!! These people have way too much time on their hands and need something productive to do, preferably benefitting society instead of taking up good breathing air. " America is bad!" or how about "Saddam is just misunderstood", or what about " America had it coming on 9-11"? These are some of the things these losers are chanting about our country's latest adventure on the war on terror.  Do you feel comfortable with letting these people undermine our leadership and democracy?  I sure as hell don't!  Neither should you.  Many of the large organized protests in many of the nation's largest cities have been organized by the Socialist Workers Party and other communitst associations.  This is no joke, many of the ringleaders have appeared on network news.  Come on, do you really think they are just opposing the war or do they have a hidden agenda?  I think its the latter.   Its the same story on college campuses around the country.  College another word for breeding grounds of liberalism.   University of Iowa is showing just how damn ignorant they are by allowing these protesters to blockade buildings and harass people.  Shouldn't these protesters be in class?  I think there are better things that they could be doing instead of making asses out of themselves.  I think they should be arrested, taken out to the nearest national cemetary and be forced to look at the markers and realize those names all sacraficed something for their country, not raise hell and give the military and leadership a hard time.   What should be done with these mass scale protests?  For starters we need to have the remaining National Guard Units stand by at every protest and if they even start making suggestions of getting unruly or impede a bystander from entering a building or even harrasing a passerby, then let the Guard bitch smack their little pussy asses around and show them their comments are not welcome.  Lets bring back the days of Kent State and squash this opposition before it gets a large leg up. Far as I am concerned, people who are openly bashing our military or leadership are nothing but a bunch of traitors!!!!  I don't care who the hell I offend for that comment.  If you don't support the war thats your own choice but our men and women in uniform are doing what the commander in chief has told them and they belive our president is doing the right choice and they need your support.  If you hate our president, you are free to do that but don't spread that hate to others.  In a time of war we need to be united, not a fragmented society of patriots and traitors.  If you are a protester and reading this, you better hope I don't see you because you will get the living shit beat out of you by me, and hopefully before long, the National Guard.  Hell, you better hope the guard gets hold of you before I do.  Those sticks you hold your sign up with, I'm going to shove it up your ass sideways. 

Iraq War
As I write this, we are still not at war yet.  We should have started a few weeks ago to allow for a larger window of taking out Sadamm.  The people who are protesting this war are a bunch of brainless pussies who can't understand the concept of punishing a wrong behavior.  For starters, Husein has said he doesn't have chemical, biological, or nuclear wepons or components.  Then when the UNSCOM inspectors find them he says that he will destroy them.  Huh?  I thought he said he didn't have any.  Oh wait a minute, would that be a lie?  No, Saddam is a truthful man and is just misunderstood.  YEAH RIGHT!!!!  The cocksucker is a master at lies and decit and I can't belive the world community is willing to buy his song and dance.  Some countries are of the premise that we ought to give him more time to get rid of his weapons.  Hell, he's had 12 years to do that.  What makes you think he will now?  Because he said so?  If you think he will do that then you ought to seriosly have your head examined.  What gets me is the rest of the world seems to think its okay for him to do what he has been doing in violation of international laws, treaties, and agreements.  Basicly if we let him get away with this, what next?  Sending missiles to Israel?  He is thumbing his nose at us and doing so arrogantly saying that its fine to do whatever the hell you feel like doing.  People are speaking out vocally on this because it might cost money or that they just don't feel like going to war.  If we allow Iraq to continue on what does this teach the next generation to lead the country?  It tells them that its best to cave in to pressure from a vocal minority just so no to hear them.  It teaches that the world will let you get away with anything as long as you don't start a war.  That being a tyranical dictator who is extremely efficent in ridding opposition is fine by the world standards.  War is to be avoided at any cost, including a threat on your very existence and freedom. Come on people!!! This world is acting just like it did with Hitler, give him a little wiggle room so not to cause war and appease him.  Look what happened.  The time is right.  The time is now.  Lets go to war and wipe the shit off the earth with these towel heads. 

The Draft
Senator Charles Rangel Democrat-New York has introduced legislation to reinstate the draft.  Sounds good to me.  Ok here is where he has a really perverse.  The reason he wants to reinstate a draft is that he feels if people are involuntary in their service to their country that the president will not be as willing to go to war.  Highly doubt that!!!  If and when the time for war comes, the president is not going to care if they came on their own free will and accord or if their country told them to serve.  He also claims that the draft is racist and discrimates against the lower classes because they are the ones who are not as financially able to attend college and get a student exemption.  Charles said in an interview the other night on either CNN or MSNBC that he brings this up just to show the practice is unjust.  IF THAT IS THE CASE THEN DON'T BRING THE IDEA UP IN A BILL ON THE SENATE FLOOR!!!  Typical liberal, lets just do something just to question its validity.  Come on! I would feel a lot different if he felt like the draft was nescaserray to protect our freedom but what a convoluted and screwed up way of thinking.  Now if the draft was reinstated and I get called, I will be more than happy to serve my country and do as my country has asked me.  Its a part of being a good citizen, if the nation asks you to do something, feel honored that your nation wants you to protect democrarcy, freedom, and the constitution.  After watching most of the major cable news networks doing interviews with young people (those 18 to 22) many in those interviews or polls have said that they would not be willing to serve their country even if they were called on.  Where is your sense of loyalty and patriotism?  If the day ever comes when the draft is reinistated and these people disobey their orders or refuse, I say we revoke their citizenship, tell them to get the hell out of this country and never come back.  If they cannot pay a small price for the freedom they were given, then they don't deserve it and can live under someone else's laws.  Really, I'm afraid that if the day ever comes that this nation will see one of the largest acts of civil unrest and definence that will dwarf the Vietnam conflict turmoil.  One person on the news said "why should I be drafted?  That is why we have an army."  The best quote I heard was " its just wrong to fight anybody, everything can be talked out so we can all live in harmony." MAKE ME PUKE!!! Apparently many of these kids have no idea how war or the military works.  Nor do they understand fanitcal dictaroships or violence in the name of religion.  War is a last resort and sometimes when you deal with fanatics or people so caught up in their cause that dealing with them on a diplomatic level is not feasable.  When the day comes that my country asks me to sacrifice the life I know now to protect our freedom and everything that our forefathers fought and died for, I will serve willingly, proudly and honorably.  Do the same.

Family Values
Morals in this country are in a horendeous downward spiral.  The values that were once instilled in our nation's children are now tossed aside to make room for personal pleasure.  It all about ME, ME, and ME!!!!!!!!  Marriages are getting tossed aside like a wad of used toilet paper.  Some are ending because one parter is not outrageously happy or they are bored. The best excuse that I heard was that the sex was not as great as one time years ago. What the hell?  Come on, marriage is not an amusement park or an orgasm that lasts for seventy year.  It's a parnership that allows each other to give and take and work through not only the toughest of times but also enjoy the high moments. Marriage is a bond that lasts a lifetime but more often than not people are treating it like a car, trade it in after the new smell is gone.  When people divorce the children see this and instill these values in themselves and as generations grow, these values and proliferate and expound them.  So for the next generation,  the reasons to end a marriage are more than thier parents, and the entire institution is whittled away to a point where it may not even be common.  Along the lines of instilling values in your children, having an extramarital affair can really screw them up.  They go through life thinking that is part of a marriage and see nothing wrong with it.  What part of thou shal not commit adultry is not understood?  Marriage is an instituion that lasts a life time and should not be taken lightly.  When you are ready to make that commitment, take a look and ask yourself is this really the person that I want to wake up to everyday for the rest of my life and share it with? If the answer is no, don't do it.  Marry the right person.   Ok enough about that.  Back to that ME thing.  Parents today are teaching their kids that materialism and thinking of ones self is quite ok.  Makes me want to puke when I go by the local high school and see kids who are driving nicer vehicles than I own that I pay for with money I earn by working.  Many of these cars are bought by the parents to help their kid be in the cool crowd or to show others that they live a better life than others. I'm not talking about parents who help their teenager purchase a decent car or help them along the way. There is no reason that a teenager should be driving a Lincoln Navigator to school!  It disgusts me when parents go out and buy a brand new car for their kid on the 16th birthday and have no expectations for the kid to have a job.  They won't appreciate hard work and think the world ought to hand them everything on a silver platter.   You don't think this rubs off?  In ten years we are going to see greed at its absolute worst with these kids of today entering the work force and just demand people do whatever they want them to because its all they know.  Pay for college?  Hell, today many think the parents owe it to them to fork over the dough to go to some prestigious schools. I worked my ass off for my college education, granted mom and dad helped along the way but they didn't just fork the money over and say "now go get educated".  By working during college I learned how to manage time, the value of a dollar, and develope a network of carreer contacts and how to show up and put in an honest days work.  Way too many people are walking out of college with job experience that maybe includes working at one or two jobs their whole lives.
Why give them everything they want? Teach them that if there is someting they want that earning it will mean way more to them than just having it handed to them. 

Family Values part II
Ok, continuing on with where we left off.  Many of today's parents are not there for their kids.  About the only time some kids see their parents is the hour or two before they go to bed and maybe an hour in the morning before they head to the daycare.  Daycare and babysitters are doing a lot of the raising of kids.  Now I do understand that sometimes it is nescacarry for both parents to work. Some even do it for their own satisfaction of being career driven.  But what gets me is that one parent might make fifty grand and the spouse feels they have to work because they can't make it?  Oh yeah, I forgot that part of the ME genration means you must have the most exquisite house and drive the fanciest suv's to get groceries.  Does having the best and most expensive things really outweigh raising your kids and showing them love instead of showering them with things.  I was lucky growing up, when my mom did work it was only part time and after my sister and I were in school.  So more or less our family survived on one income and growing up I didn't feel neglected because we didn't go to Disneyland every year or have the newest video games.  Actually we never owned a video game system in the house.  Dad worked his butt off to make sure we were happy.  Granted there were times when seeing him was kind of rare but as I grew up I realized he was doing it for us to have a decent life but not one of luxury.  I think if more people took this attitude maybe things wouldn't be so screwed up.  Many parents do not include their kids on their hobbies, children are a distraction.  What is wrong with taking your son or daughter out on your hunting trip and showing them the way to properly handle a firearm or learn the importance of conservation and the natural world?  Yes there are age restrictions and such but if they are too young to go, when you return show the youngsters what you killed, have them pose with it.  Time is the most important gift to give besides love.  Some of the values that I think are missing in children today are: kindness, manners, patriotism, loyalty, morality, awareness for those who are less fortunate, and a sense of community.  If I ever have kids-(after writting this colum I imagine most women won't have any desire to be invloved with me thus not producing kids), they will know that people have paid for their freedom with time, limbs and some even life.  They will respect the flag and salute it properly and remove head gear when the national anthem is sung.  They will also be tought to give back to their community, church and nation by being active in civic organizations or the government.  One book that I will read to them is The Book of Virtues by former secratary of education William Bennet.  To those families that I have come to know and care for in the past year from the Oakville methodist church:  You all have raised exceptional children and instilled those values and morals that are missing from many kids today.  Your families are the ones I plan to model mine after.  Your own morals and values reflected to your children and they learned from you. Job well done and thank you for raising tomorrow's leaders. 

Can something that is insignificant to world events mean anything to one person?  On September 11, 2001 a propane tank came to become a symbol of that tragic day. How could a object that has no significance to the terror and horror brought on that day come to become a personal icon for me?  Here is my story.  That day was like many fall days that year, somewhat cool in the morning, the sun peeping above the horizion with god's promise to be a beautiful and lovely day.  That time of the year many propane tanks are being set at new houses in preparation for the coming winter.  By mid morning I was out in the country setting a tank.  The house was being drywalled and plastered by a couple of conctractors so the location was a beehive of activity.  After an hour or so one of the drywallers ran out to where we were working and told us to turn on the radio.  By that time One plane had hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and within a few seconds.  My first instinct was this was not an accident.  For a time I could not do anything but sit down and just listen to the events unfolding around me.  Then the news came in that flight 93 crashed in Summerset Pennsylvainia.  Was this a freak accident or was this a botched hijack?  As time went on we learned that some brave souls aboard knew that to keep the world safe they needed to take control of the plane.  Unfortunately they persished but thanks to their unselfishness they protected many other countless lives from being victims of terror.  Now everytime I look at that tank it reminds me of the events of that day but also stands as symbol of the American spirit, solid, untouchable and there for all to see. 

Senator Trent Lott
Ok for those of you who don't keep on the news you ought to be drug out into the street and shot!!!  How in the hell can you carry on an inteligent conversation with anyone?  Ok this is leading into the saga of Mississippi senator Lott.  For those of you who don't know what I am talking about here is the scoop:  During a 100th birthday party for Strom Thurmond, Lott made a comment pertaining to Thurmond's presidential run on the Dixecrat party ticket in 1948 or 49.  Thurmond ran on the single issue of segragation should remain.  Ok here is how this whole mess started.  During a toast to the old geezer, Lot said that Mississippi voted for him and were proud of what he had done over the years. Then he went on to say that if the whole country elected him that we wouldn't have near the problems we have today.   Now as to what that means, anyone can interpret that to their own agenda.  In the tone that it was said, basically it was to more or less flatter Strom, and not an endorsement of segragation.  The Reverend Jessee Jackson and other prominent black Democrats stepped up to the plate and made it clear that the Republicans are a bunch of racist pigs if they keep him in.  He made one of those foot in mouth comments, but not enough for him to be ousted from power.  Far as I am concerned the democrats had no right to speak out on this considering their senator Richard Byrd is a card carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan.  What is this?  Its okay to be a member of a violent racists organization but wrong to make a small joke about segregation?  Come on!!!  Far as I'm concerned the liberal media blew this whole damn thing way out of proportion.  Now since Lott has stepped down as majority leader maybe the democrats will keep their traps shut when welfare reform and other social issues come up.  Their strategey was going to be every peice of legislation that came up they were going to say the Republicans were racists because they didn't hand everything over to the blacks.  That policy is now blown to hell.  According to some democrats it is not enough that Lott stepped down from his leadership role, they said the only way to make it right is to resign.  If he does that, then it will mean the demoratic gov. of Mississippi will appoint a dem. to fill the vacant seat.  Thus giving the liberals control of the senate by a one seat margin.  I don't think Lott will give in that easy.  Basically he caved in way too early on his learship role.  He should have stuck it out just a bit longer to  thumb his nose at the Democrats. 

Republicans Take Control!!!
Its about time for that to happen.  I think the democrats finannaly had a wake up call telling them that people in this country are not going to stand for such liberal ideals.  Boy oh boy, talk about fun, everytime a Republican took a senate seat, especially one where they unseated a democrat, it was fun to look at how the liberal media people had all but had tears running down their face!!!  James Carville with the garbage can on his head was a classic!  Just went to show how damn arrogant the democratic party was at thinking they would just sweep both houses of congress.  Rush Limbaugh had it right when he said that they stood for nothing.  They never did say they were in support of this or that, just that they were against what their opponent was doing or not doing.  This midterm election just went to prove that this country is not ready for a liberal/socialist agenda.  No longer will I have to see that son of a bich Tom Daschel with his toothy smile on the tv all the time. I though that ever since Tom became leader in the senate, that it would be great if he were to have been assulted and raped by pyromaniac anal sex fiend migets.  Its about time that Trent Lott takes control and steers our country down the right path. Dick Gephart from Missouri was the house minority leader but felt that he should step down.  Thank goodness!  Instead of trying to work with the conservatives who do the Democrats appoint?  Nancy Pelosi-one of the most left winged liberals in the house.  All this will do is drive the centerist/moderates  of Americans to the Republican party.  Granted people want something done about the high price of prescription drugs but the last thing they want is more government bureaucracy either.  This week the president got the homeland security act passsed that was railroaded earlier by democrats because they wanted union type shit in the law. With the Republicans in control maybe we can now get some judges on the federal bench who are willing to follow the laws of the land and bring common sense to the judiciary.  When I went to bed on November 5 I was almost in tears as the democrats kept the governorship and senate seat in Iowa and the US senate was still a toss up.  On wednesday morning  I was much happier, granted Iowans were fucking stupid and allowed a mornon back into Terrace Hill and a wacked out liberal in the senate, but by God, the Republicans took back control of Washington D.C.  and the rest of the nation!!!   Long live the GOP and conservative values.   

Here I am, another year older and now a quarter of a century old.  The night of my birthday I did some deep thinking after spending the day out on the lake with some friends.  Decided to look through a box of my old high school stuff and see what I had planned out for my future and how close I came to achiving it. Thought that maybe some of the stuff would be out of date and I wouldn't care.  Some things supprised me as to what I thought back then to be sufficent time frame.  Back when I was 17 or 18-after I graduated, I had set out some goals for my future and the other night it was time to evaluate them.  Believe this or not, but I actually had these wrote down.  Here they are
1. Complete 2 years at Muscatine Communitty College in the farm management program
2. Possibly go on to a university and get a bachelors degree in agriculture.
3. Become active in community groups after college
4. Find a girlfriend while in college
5. Become married by the time I'm 25
6. Start a family by 27 or 28
7. Develope a plan to make myself the governor of Iowa by 35
8. Get a new truck my Chevy is a pile of shit
9. Start farming right after college.
10.Own a home by the time i'm 30
Sam Willson June 7, 1995
Well, for the most part I have achived many of those goals-college, owning a better truck-although it took about five years to do that, dated a couple girls while in college-not seriously but in the whole scheme of things I did accomplish that, way ahead of schedule on the home owner thing, and I'm not overly concerned about the farming thing.  Not sure if I want to do that for a living now more of a hobby.  The married by 25 goal I don't really know where I came up with that number. Guess it just seemed like a good age at the time. Right now I don't want to be married but in due time I would like to be. Be that two years from now or ten. Kind of like the janitor saying he wants to be the CEO of a company. Won't do it overnight but could in due time. Everyone should take time to step back and evaluate what goals they have set for themselves and see how well they achived them.  I give mine a a grade of B.

Sadamm and the Middle East
America's little bratty heathen rival is at it again.  So far he hasn't done anything agressive but who is to say he won't.  Those nimrods are trying to get the United Nations to buy into an agreement that weapons inspectors can come in as long as sanctions are relenquished.  So far most of the world is taking it hook line and sinker.  We are being accused of bullying Iraq and overstepping our bounds.  Koffi Annan-UN secratary general has said that the only way we ought to be dealing with Iraq and Hussein is by peaceful methods only. Lets derail here for a bit.  The UN was against us using force in Afganistan and felt that passive negotions would be better because innocent people wouldn't die.  What about the 2000+ innocent people on Sept 11? Screw the United Nations and their policies with no teeth. Maybe if one of the jetliners hit their headquarters they might be more receptive to us.  Remember how he thumbed his nose at the world after the gulf war by playing childish games with weapsons inspectors?  Or how about how he would only allow them into certain locations or bar them from other spots?  What about when he expelled all American and Canadian inspectors?  Back then we already figured out how close he was to making nuclear weapons.  Some nations have said things like " just because he has them doesn't mean he will use them"  Hello!!!  Its like buying a car and having no intention of driving it.  Doesn't happen.  Everyone is just scared to accept the fact he is probabbly close to having nukes and having every intention to use them.  The European Union takes the stance that we need solid proof that he intends to use the weapons before they support American action. Britain is slowly warming up to the idea since they already partol on the no fly zones and we reminded them how we saved them in world war 2.  We have shown his stockpiles, his factories and storage depots for making the weapons of mass destruction.  What has to happen, he has to use them first?  Now is the time for us to go in and wipe Iraq's ass clean for good!!!  I don't care if we have to go it alone but we must act and do it agressively.  With Sadam's buddy Osama still on the loose, who is to say they aren't exchanging weapons and training and Huisein was a player behind the Sept 11 attacks?  Wipe them off the face of the the earth.  Then lets go after every middle eastern country who doesn't support the war on terror.  Start with the Saudis.  We bailed their ass out of a jam twelve years ago (Sadam threatened to invade them after Kuwait and had every intention of doing so) and all the thanks we get is them supporting terrorist organizations with money, jacking up oil prices, and them not allowing us to use bases to launch raids into Iraq.  Maybe we ought to let Saddam have his way with them first and we mop both up with the same rag.  The only country going along with the plan in the Persian gulf is Kuwait.  They are greatful to us. 
When we get done making a giant sand parking lot out of  Iraq and the Saudis, its time to get sweet revenge on Iran.  They have supported extensive terrror networks and harrased, killed, kidnapped Americans abroad since they drove the Shah out in the late 1970's.  Oh yeah!  What about when they over ran the embassy and took hostages?  The remember the military fiasco when Delta force attempted a rescue and eight Amricans were killed when two fuel tankers collided at Desert 1 and the Ayatolla took the bodies, and dismembered them on tv?  Maybe we ought to get our revenge now!!! They already have said they will support their arch enemy Iraq if we attacked.  Americans love to get revenge and seeing the American flag flying over the Embassy in Tehran would be sweet!!! Then we take the hierarchy of Iranian politicalreligon and mount there heads on stakes parade them throught the UN headquarters and let their bodies rot in the sun for the cyotes and wolves to devour.  Hell while we are at it lets go after Pakistan.  They harbor Bin Laden.  Come on, why on earth won't you let us go into your country and search.  Bastards are hiding him.  I would love to see nothing but a giant wasteland of the mideast to show the rest of the world that we are tired of games and when we play, we play to win.  Don't screw with the US of A!!!!!!

Pledge of Alligiance
Some damn liberal judge in California-belive that?, has said the pledge is unconstituional becasue the phrase under good offends some people.  His logic behind it was even more irrational-no different than saying under Zues or a Tikki.  I'm not one to ram religion down someone's throat but making the plege illegal because of that is a crock of shit.  There is nothing wrong with getting up and saying how proud you are to be an American and stating that you stand by your country and will defend it.  In the constituion it says the government is not to establish a religion and church and state is to be separate.  The goal of the church-state separation is keep our country from being a theocracy like in Iran or Afganistan.  People's faith has pulled this country through tough times and we should not destroy it.  The whole premis of this court order was some atheist did not think his daughter should have to say the pledge or even hear it.  If they don't want to plege thats there right but since when should the group as a whole be punished because something offends one person.  What ought to happen to this guy who brought the suit and the judge who went along with the idiotic excuse should be shot, have their heads mounted on posts and burn their bodies as a testament to don't scew with sacred things in the USA!  Take the bodies, put them on a rotiserie and watch as the liberal ooze flows out of them until they are nothing more than a pile of ash to blow in the wind.   As you can clearly see, this is the kind of problems we have when we allow Liberals and other lower food chain scum to have power!!! Far as I'm concerned liberals should be banned from appointing or voting for judges on the federal level. 

Politically Correct
Yeah right!  That is one thing nobody in this world has accused me of.  Far as I am concerned its a load of crap!  The liberals want us walk on egg shells so we don't offend anyone.  What a joke!!!  I will call someone what I feel they should be called.  Damn em if they don't like it.  All this touchy-feely-nonoffensive-utopia crap makes me sick. This is the something of the communist philosophy.  Way too many Americans gave thier lives supporting our ideals during obscure missons to fall into this liberal philosophy.  Some people think its offensive to fly our flag because immigrants might feel intimidated and that we are arrogant people who don't care about their feelings.  Well if thats the case, then good.  We have every right to be proud of our country and its heritage-something no longer tought in today's schools.  I was here before others so either assimilate or go back!!!

Flags Gone?

Immediately after September 11 everyone started flying their flags. Now, based on my observation it seems like over half those people quit flying them. Why? Don't you still have patriotism? I fly one every day, I had to wait some time to get one since almost every place was sold out for months. We need to show our support of our troops, love of country, and our solidarity that we are a people that cannot be destroyed. This I will say, some people who never flew flags befroe are still flying one, including me. More than likely, I will continue flying the stars and stripes until the day I am put into the ground. Several other people I know are the same way. City of Wapello is still flying their various flags off light posts in town.
This is our country and show your love for it and fly a flag.

Mail Box Bomber
Terror has came to the midwest.  Who would have thought that out here in podunk Iowa that terror would strike?  Glad they caught this deviant.  One thing I didn't have pegged right was the type of person.  Figured it would be some middle aged man affiliated with some sort of militia or a person who felt like the country let him down.  Come to find out, it was some punk 21 year old with a warped sense of humor!  As far as I am concerned, they need to execute him.  His smile and laugh when being hauled into jail should make everyone in this country puke! Just imagine, your child gets off the school bus, walks to the mail box, opens it up and a shrapnell laden bomb explodes in his or her face killing them.  Sickens you doesn't it? I find it hard to believe this asshole did not leave any clues as to what he was doing.  Come on, surely there is something he did to lead people on to what his sinister plan was.  I hope they execute him, televise it, and serve as a wakeup to other deviants that we won't put up with this.  Hang him, fry him, shoot him, I don't care just send him straight to hell!!! This college guy was more of a danger to the country than the unabomber. 

Middle East Peace
Far as I am concerned, not going to happen!!! Come on, the Israelis and Palestinians are not going to budge one inch on this.  The only way that we will see peace is when one side has completely obliterated and beaten the other side into submission.  More than likely that will be the Israelis pumeling the Arabs.  For some reason, they beleive that by raiding Yasser Arrafat's compound and the Palestinian Authority's headquarters will end suicide bombings.  Bad news is all it will do is make the terrorists more resolved in their will that Israel be destroyed.  In my opinion, I have the feeling that Arrafat has little control of these groups.  What I think is going on is, he is not giving direct orders, but many of his personal advisers are in close contact with those responsible for calling the shots.  Kind of like the Iran Contra affair-knows about it, but really doesn't want to nor the details of it.  Of course he doesn't condem the suicide attacks.  I noticed that during the Arab Leauge summit that some of the heads of state are not fully behind the Palestinian Authority.  Lebanon is not a supporter of the PLO going back to the days of civil strife and Israeli invasion.  Of course, Lebanon is the only Christian lead country in the mid east.  Their president, by constitution, is to be Christian, and one house of the parliment/congress/whatever/ is sheite muslim lead, and the other is Suni dominated.  I know that people are praying for peace in the middle east, but realistically I don't se it happening.  These people hate each other for reasons they don't even know, just taught.  Another 1000 years of bloodshed is likely. 
My idea for ending this conflict might be a little sinister and evil but here it goes.  Lets sell heavy arms to both sides of the conflict and let em' slaughter each other and have blood baths.  We'll play referee.  Screw this supporting one side or the other.  If we take Israel's side the Arabs will hate us more, and if we take Arrafat's side, we are hipocrits when it comes to terrorism.  Lets let these two factions blow the hell out of each other.  We need to make this conflict on an even keel.   

Political Minds

One thing that really gripes my ass when it comes to politics is people who are uninformed voters or just vote with whatever is polittically correct. Each person needs to understand the issues and vote what they feel is right, not just what seems good at the time. I know there are people who are misguided into their political beliefs. Lets go back to the fall of 1997 when I enter Western Illinois University. That fall I took an American Government course taught by Dr. Shokley. In this course we not only covered functions of each branch of government but also divulged into how politics play a role in government. The issue about who we voted for and why in the 1996 presidential election came up. I remember one lady saying she voted for Clinton becasue her husband's labor union said he was who they should vote for. When asked what she thought of his issues she commented that the union knows what is best for her family. Now lets stop there. I see a major problem, she did not have an opinion of her own based on facts and figures she compiled, just borrowed an opinion from someone else. That is a dangerous precenedt. Can you imagine what would happen if people in this country started to rely on other sources for their beliefs? Scares the hell out of me!!! Part of being an active participant in democracy not only means voting, but being an iformed voter too. Back to 1997. After this episode in class, we had a two week discussion about how political ideals are formed into our psche. That was by far one of the most intriguing classes I attented. I do have a problem with liberals and democrats, but I don't have one with how they derive their beliefs. If they are earned by what they feel is correct for this country than so be it. I would much rather debate the meirts of an issue with a liberal who is informed and has thier ideals ingrained in them rather than a panny waisted fool who is misguided and ill-informed. Don't just get your political ideas from the news, research the issues affecting you and then base your ideas on that.

Multi-Cultural Studies

Anybody who listens to Jan Micheals on 1040 WHO radio will know that there is a bill in the Iowa legislature to end the multi-cultural aspect of education from  kindergarted through college.  I wanted an excuse to bring this topic up and now its here. The bill and I'm not advocating that we shouldn't learn about other cultures, but that we need to de-emphasize the aspect that western culture is bad and that we need to feel guilty.  The emphasis should be on the major points of a culture and their contributions to society, not on how they are superior to western civilization.  Trust me, at Western Illinois University, its required that you must have so many hours of coursework involving multi-culturalism.  From the courses I took, the idea was that Western Civilization is evil and all the technology just makes other cultures feel inferior.  I say tough shit!  We need to learn about our own accomplishments and contribution to the world.  No wonder this country is turning into a bunch of pansy waisted pussies!!!  We need to go back to the old style of history and not only recognize all that was right with this culture, but also discuss some of the wrongs.  Liberals especially Reka Bashu of the Des Moines Register are advocating that we have no right to claim that America is the greatest place on earth because other people may feel their country is.  Kiss my conservative ass!!! Teaching patriotism, unity, and nationalism is the way that we are going to show we are nation of greatness, power, and the light of democracy. What the hell is wrong with promoting our greatness? WE ARE THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH and there is not a damn thing wrong with flaunting it!!! Kids, if you are in a school that won't say the Pledge of Allegiance, say it anyway and get your peer to. I hope the Iowa legislature passes this law.  We should hope so considering they passed the English Only bill and was signed by Vilsack.    

Hillary Clinton is a bitch!

Institution of Marriage

I may be way out of line here considering that I am still single but I will write this anyway. I know I'm not an expert here but based on what I noticed lately, this stuff needs saying. Apparently some people out there do not take the institution of marriage seriously. With the divorce rate hovering around 50%, we need to take a long hard look at how a marriage is supposed to work. Not only does divorce mean breaking vows made infront of God, but also it ruins lives, businesses, and trust. I know the national statistics are showing a trend towards marrying later in life, but there is also more people getting married younger in life. I'm sorry, but high school seniors are not mature enough to make a life decision that affects the rest of their lives as deeply as marriage. Not saying they don't know what love is, but there are other issues that need to be adressed before they make the commitment. It appears to me that when people get married, they go into it thinking that if things don't work out, they will just get divorced. It doesn't work that way in my book!!! When you marry it is for life. The idea of prenuptual agreements is absurd. That is almost like saying we don't expect things to work out anyway. Why get married then? When you get married it is for life and for you to forsake all others. What part of the commandment of thou shall not commit adultry do people not understand? Its in plain language. Now, there are instances where divorce is the answer, like in cases of abuse, abandonment, cheating, or addictions. I know that this country would be in a lot better shape if people relied a little more on their family and religion for guidance than what they guy down the street has.  I think the real reason the family is a disintegrating unit is that everyone is out for themselves trying to obtain what their neighbor has. 

American Taliban

For the past week or so on the news, they have been discussing the situation of John Walker Lind, a traitor to this country. He already has a lawyer and is trying to get the bastard off the hook!!! The lawyer is claiming he has not been read his miranda rights or any of that. I say who gives a flying rats ass! The United States is treating him like the enemy of the country which he is. His family is saying he made some bad choices in his life and needs to be forgiven. Well, they can go ahead and forgive him, but I sure as hell won't. This doushe bag is not only a traitor to his country, but also a terrorist. It is known that after joining the Taliban, he eventually met with Bin Laden, and trained with Al Queda. In an interview, he said that he supported the September 11 attacks and said it was for the good of the muslims. What do I think should be done with the wannabe towel head? Roast his ass over a fire by tying him to a stake and watch him suffer a slow death as those who were vaporized when the planes crashed into the towers. I don't know about the charges of treason. Treason is a difficult charge to make, and it is only used in cases of overt acts like a general turing on the army or such. We should strip John Walker of his citizenship, then start woopin the hell out of him. If he wants to be a terrorist and play by the rule of no-rules, then we will be glad to oblige and get into an old fashioned game of whoop ass. Then we need to take him, put him on tv and then blow his brains out all over the place. How can an American turn on a country that gave him the freedom to change religions? Not only is he to blame, but his parents are too for preaching this new age and liberalism to their heathen. John Walker-I hope you rot in hell and see realize what you put your family through!


I really hate this holdiay. Why the hell does everyone get into a lighting match to see who can waste the most electricity? Natural resources are not unlimited so quite wasting juice. Do you see people in California doing Grizwald style lighting? Can't afford to. Thats the only good thing about California. Thats another rant sometime. Too many people make their homes look gaudy with the lights. Besides the lighting thing, it makes me want to barf when I see happy couples with holiday cheer. I hope to be Ebeneezer Schrooge someday and pass on tidings of ill will and ba humbug. Just once I want someone to be with on the holdidays and then I won't be so bitter. I have never had someone special to share the holidays with. I really get sick hearing the same chirstmas tunes over and over by different people. Willie Nelson singing Jingle Bells just ruins the song and the holiday. Don't get me wrong, but I do have one tune I like, Oh Holy night done by John Berry and Carol of the Bells by the Trans-siberian symphony orchestra. Some of the Christmas specials on tv are good. Especially the ones that don't go overboard. My favorite holiday show would be the Charlie Brown Christmas. I guess my life is paralelled to his. The best one though would be the X-files Christmas episode done back in 1998 or so. Mulder and Scully spend christmas eve in a haunted house trying to figure our the meaning of their lives. I taped it and now watch it every christmas. Most of the commercials just blow big time. I would like to heave a brick through the tv at some of the happiest family commercials and ones about how you ought to blow all your hard earned money at one store. The best is when they tell you to waste time and effort on some diamond earing set that sells for $2500 regularly and now is retaliling for $1700. Does the love of your life really need you to blow that much on one present to show how much he loves you? If you think he does, you are a money grubbing bitch. I don't have a problem if he does it becasue he wants to, but you shouldn't make him feel as though he has to. Love comes from the heart not his bank account at Christmas.

Merry Christmas
Bah Humbug!


I hate liberals, their ideals, and how they try to finagle their ideas into society. My philosophy is we ought to have a liberal season, like duck and deer. Go out into the cities, find some feminst, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Alan Dershowitz, or just any vocal democrat, have a public spectacle of the American people whoopin their asses as punishment for trying to ruin this nation. We ought to do this until they keep their damn mouths shut. These people do not really care about you! All they are out for is
publicity and stiring the shity stink pot. Liberal ideas not only suck, but they are also dangerous. Affirmative action, what a crock! Instead of hard work and effort, we reward people with jobs, promotions, college entrances, and other things just because the person is another color and to right the wrongs of the past. Discrimination is discrimination any way you look at it. Many competent people are passed up in hiring by various businesses and the government because the entity needs so many people on its work force of various ethnicity. I see nothing wrong with hiring a person based soley on their qualifications. Strike one agianst liberals.
Wealth. Liberals want to tax the hell out of people who make money. They think that just becasue someone is making more than some destitute person they ought to be taxed because that other person got screwed over in life. Democrats paint wealthy people as evil and sinister. Truth be told, many of the millionares in this country did not screw some poor soul out of their money, they either worked for it, learned to manage it, or made some business decisions at the right time to windfall. Lets face it, when was the last time a person that made 30 grand a year, dump 150 million dollars into a business project? If we tax these guys more, the less develeopement and ideas will come up. Reaganomics works! It took 20 years, but it does work.
Strike two, wealth is not evil.
Gun control. One benefit of September 11 is they have pretty much shut up about this one. Perhaps they saw how vurnable this country really is. I hope they keep their traps closed about gun control for years to come. Many people working at ground zero in New York packed heat becasue they truly felt like they were under attack. Which they were. Enough for now, I hope I haven't saturated your brain.

One thing I will give liberals, they are smart. They know how to get their way. The way they work is by whittling away at something slowly instead of frontal attack. They start by a simply harmless law, good in theory, but opens the door to new laws, then once they get the wedge in, the whole block crumbles, just as they truly want. Sometimes they eliminate rules or abuse power like circumventing congress and just make executive decissions on a whim becasue nobody supports the idea, like the worst president-Bill Clinton. Liberals also play upon people's emotions. what better way to get things done is demand you will fix what upset people and do it any way possible. When we found out immigrants-legal ones were the masterminds behind 9-11, democrats sought to breach some civil liberites to make sure we are 100% safe. What American does not want to be safe? The downfall of this nation will not be by towel headed camel hosers, Saddam Hussuien, or a foreign nation, but by liberals ripping the fabric of this nation and playing on emotions.

George W Bush

I have noticed lately that now that the terror attacks have subsided, people are now taking pot shots at the president. Granted, we do have right to free speech in this country, but for the time being I think we need to stand behind George W. The complaints I hear is that the economy is all but stopped and that our president is at fault because he is a Republican. To this I say, the Commander in Cheif is busy doing his best at running the show. This war is a time consuming ordeal and he is devoting his time to running this. Not only is he trying to keep abreast of what is going on, but is trying to coordinate actions and information with world leaders. Since he has assumed office, Mr. Bush has met with more world leaders than any other president before him. Remember that during Vietnam, Johnson was all but consumed by the war. I am afraid that this war could eventually wear this man down. When George W. made his speech on Sept 11, and said the words "we will not falter and we will not fail..." I felt very comforting and know that our country is in good hands. Thank God Al Gore and Joe Leiberman are not running the show. There is something in his voice that gives the population comfort. I know when he was on the campain trail and the early days of office, his words becaume jumbled or things did not come out right. The people of this country wants a person who is down on their level when the president speeks. This is the man for the job. No matter how tough things get in this country for the next four years, I will stand behind the president. This is the man for the job, and the way to win this war is get beind our Commander In Chief.

War on Terror

On the morning news, there are daily reports of how many afgan civilians are dead after another day of bombings. My thought is so what?! This is war damn it!!! There will be innocent people lost in any war. War is like fighting cancer, when a person undergoes chemo, the medication not only tries to destroy cancerous tissue, but it also takes healthy tissue too. In order to get at the enemy, you can't just take out the regime in power, but the people-sometimes civilians who support and give credence to those in power. Of course, right now most of the general population in this country is saying we need to roast each of those towel headed camel hosers. Our liberal and biased media is playing in the propoganda war by making an issue out of these civilia deaths. What I think is really going on is the media is still pissed off that Bush won the election last year fair and square and they are trying to make him look bad. To the liberal media I say kiss my f@&*"!$ ass!!! What about the 5000 plus innocent Americans who died on September 11, those who died after from Anthrax, and the three service men killed in the war? These were innocent people too and I want damn revenge!!

On November 11, I hoped that each of you remember our vetrans both living and deceased, especially the two Army rangers killed a couple weeks ago in a helicopter crash and the sailor who was swept overboard on the USS Kitty Hawk last week. My heart goes out to these families and those who died in the pentagon. I salute you.


From my experiences in the past year and prior years, I have come to the conclusion that women all have this secret society men don't know about where they conspire to devise ways to play mind games with men, where the men loose and women win. I absolutely hate mind games and won't participate in them. Why do they like to play with a man's heart and mind? My guess is men play these games too. Out of the millions of men in this world, I like to think there are a few of us out there who are sincere in what we say and do. Not all men are out looking for an easy lay, granted many are, but I am not one of them. Most of us nice guys are truly looking for a relationship where we can be ourselves and the lady appreciates it. Apparently most of us get shit on. The old saying of nice guys finish last! To give credit to the ladies I will say this " I'm not a woman basher, I am only a bench warmer in this game of relationships right now. Most of you are great and spectacular in each person's own way. Do not play with our hearts and minds. Underneath that toughness lies a delicate and breakable item. There is only so many times you can glue the pieces back together."
I guess I will never fully understand the female mind and you know what, if I did, it might take some of the fun out of finding and choosing a mate.

Stand Tall and Proud!!!
We will not be defeated by terrorism!!!

The events that occured on September 11, 2001 forever changed the face of America. The most powerful nation on Earth had its nightmare come true, an attack on United States soil. The goal of a terrorist is to use violence to scare some entiy-namely a government into submission, fear, and cowarding. Osama Bin Laden may have suceeded in crashing planes and destroying buildings and lives, but he did not destroy the American people. If he was expecting us to be scared and grind our country to a halt, he failed misserably. This country and its peoples are a nation that can pull through anything. Life here goes on for the most part. Granted, lives have been ended, or put on hold in Washington and New York city, but we Americans know that if we end our daily lives and live in fear, the terrorists won. For a country that has been so divied by things from gun control to abortion to race, the only good that has come out of this is it brought us together and realized that our willpower and resiliance is stronger than anything that makes us different. President George W. Bush has done a good job in leading us through this crisis. Things may seem hectic in New York city and Washington D.C. but in all actuallity, things operated smoothly. This country's contingency plan for a national emergency went into effect and was executed flawlessley. Our service personel, FEMA, FBI, CIA, and the executive branch have trained for many years on a doomsday situation and they know the drill by heart. On Tuesday, it was not a drill and everything that was supossed to happen did, like scrambling the emergency command aircraft that is stationed at Offut AFB and moving certain officials to safe havens.

To the terrorists and their sponsors: We are a strong nation and you failed at bringing us down. The will and might of our people are stronger than any bomb you can build and blow up at us. We have a Bush in the White House and I gaurantee you that he will not take any shit from you! Neither will we!!! Be prepared to get your asses destroyed by our men and women protecting democracy and the American way of life. God have mercy on you becasue we sure as hell won't!!1
We can't be ruined.

God bless America!!!


I may ridicule the shit out of liberals and democrats, but that does not mean I hate them personally. If everyone was a conservative and Republican, who would I discuss politics with? There are several local democrats that I enjoy doing business with and even getting there spin on things. Being from rural Iowa, many of them are pretty conservative for democrats. The only reason they cary that party is they don't know better.

Has anyone who has not been in school for a while and doesn't have kids wonder if they do the Pledge of Allegiance daily? In Wapello Elementary, some classes do it, but across this nation many schools will not do it. You might ask why and the answer is that some officials feel as though it might offend students of other nationalities or whose parents are here illegally. Well, Tough shit if we offend these people. If they want to be here, then they should have to pay their dues to our society to be accepted. Part of being an American is standing up and pledging that we will stand behind our country and proud to be Lady Liberty's citizens.

This site is set up and layed out by me. Anything might go on this site, from tractor pictures, to local history, to a rant about how ignorant liberals are. You don't know what may come at each page. Enjoy, relax, drink a beer, and have some fun. Respond to anything you choose to, I'm always up for a good political, religious or economic debate. I know, the three things in life that shouldn't be discussed, but to make us better people they need to be talked about.

The tractor below is an International Harvester 1455 manufactured in the IHC Nuess Germany plant. The European tractors were made in Doncaster, England and Nuess. Some trucks and a couple of models of tractors were made in Turkey by a company called T.O.E. This tractor looks rather interesting because the front wheel assist was standard back in 1978 and the front three point. FWA did not become common on American tractors untill the early 1980's. As for the front 3-point hitch, it never really caught on in this continent.