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A page of some of my favorites, and odds and ends.


Music: Country
However, I have been known to listen to just about anything.  My tastes are kind of vaired, right after country I enjoy 80's hair metal bands, then heavy metal, bluegrass, and even some classical.  With the advent of internet radio stations, you get a chance to explore other tastes that you may not be able to on conventional radio. 
Hard to beat good ol talk radio.  I'm a dedicated Dittohead listening to Rush Limbaugh since about 1991 and Paul Harvey for many years.  Suppose some of my ideas are implanted from them?  I started listening to Mike Gallager in January and if you think Rush is out there, you ought to try Gallager.  He discusses a wide variety of topics daily and has many guests.  I like it when he rips new orfices in liberals.  On March 14 he had on Charlie Daniels and that guy has his act together.  Probabbly one of the best interviews that I have listened to. 

Artist: Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, Trans Siberian Orchestra
Current Songs: In another world by Joe Diffee, Can't fight the Moonlight Leanne Rimes, Long Goodbye Brooks and Dunn
Didn't I by Montgomery Gentry, Sweet Music Man by Reba McIntire, Touch Me for a While by Allison Kruas and Union Station, Angry All the Time by Tim McGraw.  For some reason this song is so depressing but I turn it up everytime and sing to it.  Maybe there are a few stanzas in it that I feel reflect how I feel some days. 

All time songs: Lead On by George Straight, He stopped loving her today by George Jones. I want this song played at my funeral even if I am not with a significant other at the time. This signifies how some people are true to their hearts well past the time of death.  For the life of me I can't carry on a tune to save myself but this is one of the oldest songs that I know all of the words to. Just a neat song.  In my Dreams from Giant is pretty neat too.  Lots of others but some of them have no idea who sang them or their titles. 

Favorite Books- The Last Farmer by Howard Kohn, and Lake Wobegon Days by Garrison Keilor.
Period in time; mine would be the late forties to the late sixies during agriculture's glory and rapid technology developement. 
Place to live:  Someday I hope to live on a small farm in Vermont near lake Champlain or in one of the numerous small villages that dot the landscape of the state.  Of course, I would be almost the only conservative up there but maybe I can start a revolution.
Exotic place: Someday I want to travel to Alaska on the Alaskan Highway and I also want to visit Argentinia.  Not sure what it is about that country but it has always fascinated me.  Of course we might as well throw in the Emerald Isle of Ireland too.  Since writting this, we can add Eastern Europe to the list.  With the price of international travel falling, the possibility is there and maybe someday I can make it come true.


International Harvester poster from the 1960's advertising the 706 and 806

NEAT SONGS: Lead On, Carlene, Saginaw Michigan, Mary Ann by Jim Reeves, Until it Sleeps, Once in a Lifetime don't come twice.  CURRENT FAVORITES:Whiskey Lulaby, My Immortal, Let's be us again. Gone From Love too Long.

One of my favorite cartoon strips
Feel that way many times.

Yet another one of my favorites
Think Charles Schultz must have know me even before I was born

Dogs playing poker

This painting is not my favorite one.  Actually I don't hate it nor do I love it.  Its a painting that has hung on many bachelor's wall.  Since I don't have the real thing I'll hang it on the site.  Kind of funny though.  There were several paintings done by this Edmonson guy and most of the ones I have seen involve dogs sitting at a table playing cards. 

Favorite Beer Quotes
"I drink to make other people interesting" George Jean Nathan
"Whiskey is too rough, champagne cost too much, vodka puts my mout in gear, I hope this refrain, will help me explain as a matter of fact, I like beer" Tom T Hall
"Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world" Kaiser Wilhelm
"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes, that way when you criticize them, you are a mile away and have their shoes."  Unknown

If there was a point in time to relive again I really wouldn't want to but if I had to choose it would be a toss up between the fall of 1999 and the winter of 1997. In 1997, I was in my sophmore semester at MCC and nearly ready to end my education and go on with my life. I also had my first serious relationship since high school.  Actually she was the lady of my dreams. Things were different and I had all sorts of fun with her, and my classes. Time, difference in goals, and dreams drove us apart.  Never to be again. She is remembered fondly by me even though memories are starting to fade as I have moved on.
The fall of 1999 was my last semester of college. I had returned from an internship at Bluff Springs and living in the fraternity house. My classes were pretty much the easiest of my college time, just a few electives to fulfill my graduation requirement. The best one was bar management 462. Drink and get graded for it!!! Anyway, I was looking at life full of enthusiasim, doing many interviews, and ready to go out and just conquer the world. I was anxious to leave college and show the world what I was made of. Life doesn't always deal that to you, but oh well.


John Deere 4020 with factory front wheel assist.