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"We will not tire, we will not falter, ...and we will not fail."  George W. Bush  September 11, 2001
It's God's responsibility to forgive Saddam and Bin Laden
It's America's responsibility to arrange the meetings!

"The challenge of statesmanship is to have the vision to dream of a better, safer world and the courage, persistence, and paitience to turn that dream into reality."  Ronald Reagan

My Disclaimer

Ok, this forum here is not a spot for me to make the world a rosy and sweet place! Its a place for me to run my mouth about things that need to get said! Our country is being torn apart at its fabric about issues from gun control to the family. A lot of what I say here is tearing new orfices in people and ideas that need it. I know a few people think I shouldn't have said anything in the christmas rant about the money grubbing females. I think that is an issue that needs taken up, the materialistic nature relationships have become and how they are ruining our families and holidays. If you were offended by that part, I don't care. This is a no holds barred place. People may not think that everything I say is right but I expose a lot of things and people for who they are. If they take what I say and are personally offended then tough shit, maybe they need to examine their own lives and keep their damn noses out of my business!!! I made a warning in other part of this site about if you are part of certain group of people it might be offensive. The intention of this page in the site is not to score any brownie points but to stir shit up and make you think seriously about issues facing not only you, but the country as well. My forum, my rules. If anyone wants to debate these topics on here, I am more than willing. Sorry if any of this stuff offends anyone, but its my website and I will discuss what I want to on my terms!!!

Continuing the War on Terror.
As of this writting, we have been officially in the war on terror for four years now.  Where do we stand?  That depends on who you listen to.  If you listen to the mainstream media (who by the way if you are not inquisitive enough has a very liberal slant to it) will tell you we are losing the war and should cut and run.  Remember only cowards run away!!!!  If you listen to Fox news Radio or Fox News Channel or many of the various internet news services then you will know that we are winning.  Nobody ever said this was a war we could fight in a week and have a victory celebration.  Think of it this way, this is like the Cold War, except this go round we are actually fighting this on multiple fronts with military force.  To win we need to fight this with every means possible.  And I do mean EVERY possible avenue.  This is no holds barred and anything goes.  The terrorists work that way and we need to play by their rules.  Mohamed and Ahqmed will not think twice of setting off a bomb at a church filled with women and children, and by the same token we should have no problem lobbing a missle into a crowded mosque.  That is where the very root of islamic terrorism is, at the mosque.  Yeah that might turn more of them into fanatics but then at least we have all of them out in the open to see who our enemy is.  It might suprise you who is the enemy, and many of them are American citizens in America.  Those that are, in my book are traitors and need dealt with swiftly and publically.    So what is the progress you may ask?  To start with Afganistan has had had free elections for the first time ever.  Granted it is fledgling pretty hard but remember we have had 229 years of experience with democracy so give it time.  Iraq, they are moving forward despite the violence there.  Each round of their processes has more and more participants in it, so that to me is a sucess.  Where else you may ask?  We keep foiling plot after plot that takes place on American soil.  The Patriot act works!!!  Those who don't belive so, then lets to away with it and see what happens, you won't like the results.  The only major qualm I have with the war on terror is we are not fighting it with all our might and certain options have been taken off the table like nukes and tortue (well publically anyway) and allowing Israel a chance to do some dirty work that they are very proficient at.  I say let Israel get into the fight full force.  Bush needs to back up what he said four years ago, either you are with us or against us.  No more of this pussy footing around with some countries.  Cut their aid off and we might get some response.  To the country of Jordan, and King Abdulah, thank you for your support of American efforts to rid the world of fanatical islamic terrorists. 

Nuke Mecca
The best solution for us to fight the war against muslim extremists is to put them on notice that we will totally wipe their most sacred site on earth off the face of the planet if they ever bomb us on American soil. Mecca is the holiest place for islam. We have the nukes and under no circumstances should we be reluctant to use them. If we made this threat perhaps whoever is holding Bin Laden will release him over to us and we take him to his maker.  I'm sure the UN would oppose this philosophy under the criteria that we need to hold hands and live in one big happy circle jerk!!!  After we make the threat, we have the military chain of command take off all the saftey checks on our nukes.  The first inckling that towel headed camel hosers are about to attack us, we send missles airborne with no turning back or no self destruction.  After Mecca is wiped clean we begin the systematic destruction of every mosque (house of peace as the muslims want them to be known) in this country.  Remember the Koran advocates destroying every person who is an infidel and as Americans and Christians we are the infidels it talks about. They want us dead plain and simple.  We should not give them the chance to even try to eliminate us.  After Mecca is a baren wasteland we put the leaders of every muslim nation on notice that their largest cities will be next if another inckling takes place.  Damascus, Tehrahn, Cairo, Riyahd, Islamabad, Kabul, Tripoli, will all be sytematically hit.  Then maybe the world will wake up and realize we mean business.  I'm sure that people will accuse me of being like Hitler with the jews.  Remember, the jews did nothing wrong, the Muslims have and the mere threat of anahilation of the most holy place to them should send them off cowarding in a cave.  They want to fight a holy war, bring it on!!! Muslims might start it but the American Christians will finish it!!!

United Nations
The United States needs to get out of the United Nations as quickly as possible.  This governing body is quickly becoming a place to erode the sovereignty of the US and many other nations.  It's goal is a one world government.  Yeah I might sound like some right-wing militia nut and I might just be that but the UN is not only a US bashing body but also one of the most ineffective agencies in the world today.  Lybia on the commision for human rights, North Korea on the atomic energy commision, need I go on? The UN is a damn joke!!! Look at the Bosnia situation.  They had military observers on the ground during the whole conflict but would only tell Serbia to stop.  What a disaster that was.  They refused to do anything but watch and condem. What took place by Serbia was uncalled for and that was one time when the UN had the opprotunity to show what they were made of and do some good but couldn't. Ok now you are wondering where I get the idea about a one world government, well all we have to do is look at Kosovo.  Serbia had a problem with insurgent terrorists trying to break away.  They had every right to stop the terrorists but the US under Clinton (whole nother subjet and don't get me rolling on that one) and the UN stepped in and said no, they have no right to uproot problem people.  Now Kosovo is administered by the UN and they have had problems with having multi-national police.  Look at the Iraq situation, the Security Council declared Iraq in breech of the resolutions but stopped short of enforcing their own mandates.  So when the US invaded we were condemed by the UN.  Do I need to go further in suggesting we get out?  Yeah might as well, lets discuss the Cyprus situation.  Cyprus was invaded by in the north by Turkey because the Turks felt like the Greek Cypriots were becoming too powerful so they illegally took control of the north and moved in Turkish born people to populate the areas and enclave the Greek population.  This took place in 1974.  Since that time the country has been divided with the UN maintaining a outposts on the dividing line.  They have tried to talk about re-unification but won't do anything to evict the illegally Turkish occupied north, just reunify it with 40,000 Turkish troops and several hundred thousand illegal inhabitants. No wonder why the Greek Cypriot community turned down the reunification referendum last week.  See it has taken 30 years just to even take that action.  The only thing the UN was effective at was driving the communist North Koreans out of the South and ending Apartheid in South Africa. Looking back those issues have become problems among themeselve.  NK keeps trying to play it's nuke hand to get aid for its people, and South Africa is one of the most crime ridden places now that it has driven many of the law and order whites out of the country.  The next time a terrorist takes over and airliner crashes it into a building, I hope its the UN headquarters.  Oh wait, that won't happen because the UN coddles terrorists and thinks that they should have a say.  Hell they even let Yassir Arrafat adress the General Assembly brandishing a side arm.  The UN loves terrorism so much that Kofi Annan condemed the US when we invaded Afganistan.  Its time we left the UN, and let it collapse under its own stupidity.  Boot them off American soil by force if nessacarry and move the headquarters to Paris France.  If they don't then we need to have the Marines invade the building and remove them by force off American soil.  Goodbye and good ridance!!!!

Hillary Clinton America's face of EVIL
Hillary Clinton's new book is out.  Whoopty FDoo!!!  Looks like it might make some good toilet paper.  Oh how I would love to take her sinisterly evil smiling face and wipe my rear with it and mail it back to her!!! She scares the hell out of me and she should do the same thing to every reasonable, kind hearted, God believing, gun owning, freedom loving, American.  She has every intention of becoming president no matter what it takes, both legal and illegal means.  She is a power hungry woman who will stop at nothing and doesn't care how she achives it.  Hillary is America's worst enemy.  Bin Laden doesn't scare me as much as a Clinton taking the White House back. People thought Richard Nixon was bad but if Billary gets power you won't know evil by any other name. We can talk about Bill but far as I'm concerned all he cared about was  fat bimbos and chasing skirts.  Hillary will be all business and she will do everything to topple her opposition.  We thought Bill's nose thumbing of the Constitution was bad, well Hillary will just take it and tare it up and shit on us.  I think we need to find a way to have her done in permanently.  Maybe we can get some of our right-wing militia buddies to put a bounty out on her head.  I can care less how she is done in, just as long as its not shot with a gun because that would give the gun-grabbers reason to push their agenda.  I'm thinking along the lines of having her plane crash under mysterious circumstances or give some third world leader some cash to take her hostage during one of her little excurisions to help the downtrodden, or better yet get the whole secret service to break ranks on her.  Think about it, she did the same thing to her "friends" who tried to outcry about her and Bill's agenda.  She wouldn't think twice about doing it to you!!!! 
Let's see her head mounted on a sword, set on fire and paraded around national television by a man on horseback wearing a black cape and death wrote on the Morgan Stallion.  Hack the rest of her body into bits in one of her butt-buddy's (Saddam's) people shredder.  Then lets have a big celebration for the  end to America's worst enemy-one of our own. 

Gun Control

Plain and simple, means hitting your target!


Brady Bill

Passed the congress on november 20, 1993 and signed into law by Bill Clinton!!! not Ronald Regan nor Bush. Brady bill was brought to the congressional floor many times in Regan's term but died every time. James Brady was shot under Ronald Regan's term of office but the law did not become signed until 1993 and under a Democrat's watch.
This bill finally died!!! But not without a fight from Fienstien, Clinton and the other left wingers.  The mass rise of gun viloence the day after the bill died did not happen, nor did and increase in school shootings or a big run on gun stores that the liberals had envisioned.  For every congressman who tried to derail this I have your number and will make sure that everyone knows you are in favor of trashing the constitution.  I'm sure the issue will rise again if the Democrats ever gain control of any part of the government.  But if it does we will be ready to fight them tooth and nail.  Perhaps an armed uprising agains liberals will ensue.


Senator Grassley and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura



President George W. Bush and Senator Charles Grassley in Dallas Center Iowa.

Smaller rants

I am getting sick and tired of everyone sqealing and moaning about the government and how it doesn't work for them. I got a solution, be part of the solution and do your duty as a citizen and run for office, be it school board, Soil and water commision, or president. Serve in the military, or even become a volunteer fire fighter. Living in a democracy means that the government is ran by the people for the people. If you want things fixed, don't just sit and complain , get off your butt and do something. As an American citizen, it is your duty to participate in your government. If serving in office or the armed forces, or other activities of government, is not your cup of tea, at least get off your kiester and vote. Among the world, we have one of the lowest voter turn out rates. Come on, people die in other nations just for the chance to vote, and we have it and most put their thumbs up their butt and take it for granted. Every citizen has a debt to pay to this country and not necasarilly with money. Pay your debt to this country by talking to your recruiter, become civicly involved, or just go out and vote. We are the most powerful country in the world but only as long as its citizens play their part. I say pay your debt or get the hell out of my country!!!

John Kerry is a pinko commie.  Yeah Bush might be a right wing nut job but I'll take those right wingers any day because they are patriotic and don't trample the constitution like liberals do.

George Soros-you are a despicable man!!! IF any kind of conservative was trying to buy the presidency like you are, then you would be crying foul.  But its ok for liberals to do that? I hope you, Michael Moore, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and 90% of the Hollywood idiots get blown up by mohamed.  I hate you all and hope that you get a one way ticket to hell!!!

Howie Dean,  he is the best damn form of advertising for the Republican party they don't  have to purchase.  I do not agree with very much of his political ideals except for the fact that private citizens should own guns. Having him in the position of the Democratic National Comittee will drive more people to the GOP especialy when he sounds off his far left retohric.  It will be interesting to see how Hillary Clinton's move to a moderate will play with those grass roots liberals who follow Dean's far left leaning views.  While I do not like liberal views or most liberals, I could stand to have a meal with Howard Dean.  I have respect for the man because he atl least believes in what he says. While I may not belive in very much that he stands for, at least he won't play games and switch sides just to score brownie points with whoever the crowd is at the moment.  He truly thinks that what he stands for is the right way and I have to give the man credit for standing behind his cause, no matter how wrong it its.  Howard, I wish you could be more like you were back when you were the governor of Vermont, a Republican in everything but name (kind of like Zell Miller). 

Sam Willson

I would appreciate ideas on topics to discuss here.

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